8/1/17: For Such a Time as This

          Esther found herself in the thick of an issue. All she had done was obey her uncle and enter a beauty contest. To her surprise, she won and received the grand prize, King Ahasuerus as her husband. This was no small award. This guy “reigned over one hundred and twenty-seven provinces, from India to Ethiopia” (Esther 1:1, NKJ). Esther was the new queen of all that; however, not long after the happy nuptials, a situation arose that could potentially jeopardize her position. The king promoted this guy named Haman to a position where he had the ear of the king. Haman hated the Jews and manipulated the king to write a decree giving the populace in all the king’s provinces the right to destroy the Jews and plunder their property. What the king didn’t know was that Esther was a Jew.

            When her uncle Mordecai found out about the king’s heinous decree, he sent word to Esther asking her to get the king to help them. This put her in a tough spot because one didn’t just walk up to the king without being summoned. When Esther sent her concerned response to Mordecai, he reminded her of her heritage and told her that as a Jew, she herself was one of the targets of her husband’s Haman-inspired decree. He also said, “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14b)

We too sometimes find ourselves in the think of an issue. What seemed to be a tremendous blessing places us squarely in the crosshairs of trouble. We exult over the promotion only to discover the multiple downsides of the job. We enjoy our beautifully romantic wedding and honeymoon only to start realizing in the marriage the odd personal quirks of our spouse. We rejoice over the birth of our children only to discover their penchant for lying or cheating or you-name-it. We’re ecstatic as our young adults take flight only to be punched in the gut by the negative choices they make once they’re independent. We finally celebrate retirement only to find that our money is attacked by a myriad of onslaughts from inflation, to children’s and grandchildren’s needs, to taxes, to

state laws, to the downturn of the economy, and on and on.

Here’s the thing: Mordecai’s question to Esther fits for us too. For whatever we’ve bumped up against, who knows whether we have come to this place for such a time as this? We are where we are not by chance, but by God’s choice, in order for Him to make a difference through us in the situation. God placed us in this place so He could be in this place. I never would have applied for the major issue I am currently facing, but I have come to understand that others are helped as I step up, reveal and stand upon my heritage of faith, and speak out God’s truth about what I’m learning from Him while in this space.

It all worked out for Esther (read the short, ten-chapter book of Esther for the details) and as we are faithful to God’s leading, it will all work out for us too. Instead of crying and complaining, let’s seek the Lord as to how to live as a witness and use the very thing that’s hurting as a testimony. Indeed, as we live by faith, when we’re in the thick of it, remember that we have come to where we are on purpose – by God’s actual appointment – for such a time as this.


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  1. Thank you for this!

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