8/11/16: That’s My God at Work!

UnknownOn one of our vacations, my husband and I decided to wing it with only a map and a full tank of gas. We were in the San Francisco area, and since I had never crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, we took off to make that happen. Traffic was horrendous, but we finally made it to the famous site. We drove across under a heavy fog that made it impossible to even see the tops of the bridge’s famous towers.

With that mission accomplished and more than half a day of sunlight left, we decided to drive through Sausalito, another place I hadn’t seen. We did so and then saw a sign pointing us temptingly toward Stinson Beach. Why not? We reasoned. Well, that two-way road to Stinson Beach wound us around and through mountains and valleys; it was much more of a drive than we had bargained for. Two hours later, we finally zig-zagged our way back through San Rafael, got ourselves back onto Highway 101, and headed back across the Golden Gate Bridge ($6 toll and all). What a ride!

Even though we had taken an unplanned turn, that drive was devastatingly beautiful. Around every bend was yet another amazing vista; visible only to eyes that took that out-of-the-way road. I kept thinking, Wow, God did all this work for us to enjoy today.

Psalm 92:4 perfectly sums up my feelings, “For You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work; I will triumph in the works of Your hands” (NKJ). At first read, I wondered how I could be the one triumphing in the works of God’s hands. Then I got it. In the same way I used to yell, “That’s my kid,” when Mark scored a basket on the basketball court, I can triumph in the works of my God’s hands when I see them. I guess I’m yelling, “That’s my God at work!”

So the next time you see a gorgeous sunset, the waves rolling in, a mountain vista, or a starry night sky, be glad through God’s work, and triumph in the works of His hands. You may even want to shout out, “That’s my God at work!”


Unknown-2Mission Trip Update! ZAMBIA AND OTHER SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONS, here I come! I started getting the necessary vaccinations for the trip and all that medication is really expensive. Our team will be purchasing our airfare soon. Then the next money due will be for our hotels, food, and visas. Finally, I want to take books for the women who attend the Power Suit Women’s Conferences. Please do not hesitate. I really need your financial donations now. Thank you in advance! Click this link:  https://sanewriter.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/33116-special-requestto go to the full request. You can give three ways:

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  3. Via Paypal through the HSBN.tv website. (Be sure to let the network know your donation is for Rev. Sharon Elliott.)


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One Response to “8/11/16: That’s My God at Work!”

  1. “…joy cometh in the morning!” Thank you, Father God.

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