4/3/16: Gotta Love Verbs!


The English teacher in me gets very excited about the meanings of words and my choleric temperament finds joy in action. Put those two together and it’s easy to understand why verbs are my favorite part of speech. There are three categories of verbs: action, linking, and state of being. I love them all. The state of being verbs (is, am, are, etc.) simply show that something exists as in the sentence, “God is.” Linking verbs (seems, appears, etc.) show a particular connection between the subject and the predicate as in, “James seems interested in basketball.” And the action verbs tell us what the subject is doing as in, “Jack jumps.” Yes, verbs establish existence, light a fire under us, get us moving, and get things accomplished.

How exciting it is, then, to read of the verbs God speaks over His people. Read the entire passage found in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 (NKJ) to catch the flavor of the context. When God blesses, wow, He goes all out. Pay particular attention to the verbs God uses; here are some snippets:

  • “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you…” verse 2
  • “The LORD will command the blessing on you…” verse 8
  • “The LORD will establish you as a holy people to Himself…” verse 9
  • “And the LORD will grant you plenty of goods…” verse 11
  • “The LORD will open to you His good treasure…” verse 12
  • “And the LORD will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only, and not be beneath…” verse 13

Of course, there is a caveat to all these great blessings, some verbs that apply to us.

  • “…because you obey the voice of the LORD your God…” verse 2
  • “…if you keep the commandments of the LORD your God and walk in His ways” verse 9
  • “…if you heed the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you today, and are careful to observe them. So you shall not turn aside from any of the words which I command you this day, to the right hand or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them.” verses 13-14

So let’s understand this grammar lesson. All I have to do is obey God’s voice, keep His commandments, and be careful not to turn from them. He promises to command blessings that will overtake me (Heb. nasag = reach out and grab me), to establish me as His own, to grant me plenty of goods, to open to me His good treasure, and make me to be above only. I obey, and He commands, establishes, grants, opens, and makes. Easy choice. Such a deal!


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