3/17/16: Recognizable

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Family resemblance is a wonderful thing. Recently, a picture was taken of my sister Saundra and me with a group of ladies from her church. When we looked at the picture, we were amazed at how much we look like each other. Just as resemblance is true of siblings, it can be just as striking between parents and their children. My sons, Matthew and Mark, and I look so much alike that the facial recognition feature of Facebook® sometimes confuses us. Place the cursor over one of their faces in some pictures and my name pops up.

Well, there was no such thing as Facebook® back in Biblical days, but Peter faced a recognition dilemma following Jesus’ arrest. While outside the judgment hall waiting for news of what was happening to the Lord, several people recognized Peter as one of Jesus’ followers. One of the servant girls of the high priest said to him, “You also were with Jesus of Nazareth,” and when he denied, she told others, “This is one of them” Mark 14:66 and 69 (NKJ). Peter denied that assertion a second time. Then a little later we’re told, “…those who stood by said to Peter again, ‘Surely you are one of them, for you are a Galilean, and your speech shows it’” Mark 14:70 (NKJ). This time, Peter began to curse and swear, denying that he even knew Christ at all.

Peter had walked so closely with Jesus for three whole years that something about him resembled the Master. Perhaps it was more than his regional, Galilean dialect. I believe it wasn’t so much what Peter said and did as much as it was the way he said and did it. Quite unconsciously, Peter had probably picked up mannerisms similar to the Lord’s. Maybe he walked like Jesus walked, dressed like Jesus dressed, or smiled, gazed, sat, and ate like Jesus did. Whatever it was, it was recognizable and others were able to point out the fact that Peter was “one of them” – he had been with Jesus.

Family resemblance comes from both nature and nurture. We’re born with the family genes (nature), and then we’re raised with the family’s values (nurture). Such is also true in our faith. In John 3:3, Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again (nature), he cannot see the kingdom of God” (NKJ). And in Matthew 19:17, He said, “… if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments (nurture)” (NKJ).

Is the family resemblance there on your face and in your life? Is the facial recognition apparent? Do people look at you and say, “Oh yes, she’s (he’s) been with Jesus, she’s one of them; surely she is because her speech (lifestyle) shows it”?


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One Response to “3/17/16: Recognizable”

  1. I really enjoyed your devotional today. Thank you for reminding me that I ought to act and look like my father. May God continue to bless and keep you

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