2/2/16: Just Follow the Directions


I watched my husband construct a nightstand for me. The thing came in a box in what looked to me like a million little pieces. James laid out the pieces, carefully comparing each one to the diagram. Then he did what lots of women say men won’t do: he followed the directions to put that piece of furniture together.

We read in Exodus 15 and 16 of the children of Israel as they embarked upon their new life after Egyptian bondage. Just three days after God’s amazing parting-of-the-Red-Sea miracle that completely freed them, we find them complaining about not having water to drink (15:22-24). Moses cried out to the Lord about this problem, and God gave them water. A month later, they’re complaining again, this time about being hungry. God comes through again, supplying them with quail and manna (16:13-15). All the people had to do for the food was collect it, just enough for each person per day. Then on the sixth day, they were to collect enough for two days so they wouldn’t have to work on the Sabbath. Why did some people try to save some anyway during the week? Why did some people still try to collect some on the Sabbath? They got the food they wanted; how hard was it to just follow the directions?

When we ask God to supply our needs and He does it, what do we then do with the provisions He gives? Are we done talking to God now that we have our stuff? Do we move from continuing to rely on Him to trusting our own instincts about how we should now manage the blessings? All that God gives us is a trust; we are simply guardians of the blessings He bestows. Yes we enjoy them, but that enjoyment is still to operate within His bounds.

When the people kept disobeying even after their needs were supplied, God asked Moses an incredulous question, “How long do you refuse to keep My commandments and My laws?” Exodus 16:28 (NKJ).

Because my husband followed the directions, the nightstand came out beautifully; all the pieces fit where they should have fitted and all the drawers slide as they should. It will be the same for us when we just follow God’s directions; all the pieces of our lives will fit as they should and we’ll function in our place in the Kingdom as we should.


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