1/8/16: God Sees Me


In Genesis 16, we read about how Hagar, Sarah’s maid, was served up a raw deal. What started out to be a dream job – the personal assistant of a prominent woman – turned into a nightmare when she was thrust into the middle of her employers’ marital issues. It was a generally accepted custom in that time that anything belonging to the master’s servant could technically be called the master’s property, so a child born to Hagar would be considered Sarah’s. God had promised Abraham that he would produce a natural heir, but when Sarah got impatient about not producing a child, she relied on the worldly custom rather than the heavenly promise, and gave Hagar to her husband for her to have a child.

Well, as it always happens when we take God’s matters into our own hands, the plan backfired. When Hagar got pregnant, the two women began to be at odds with each other, so Sarah “dealt harshly with her, (and) she (Hagar) fled from her presence” Genesis 6:6 (NKJ).

What happened next for Hagar was nothing short of amazing. “Now the Angel of the LORD found her…” Genesis 16:7a (NKJ). Bible scholars tell us that whenever we see the Angel of the Lord in Scripture, we are witnessing pre-incarnate appearances of Jesus. Look at that: Jesus found Hagar. For that to happen, He must have been looking for her. In this case, our Lord was looking out for her. He comforted her with His presence, directed her with His wisdom, and encouraged her with a promise (see Genesis 6:7-12).

Hagar moved from fleeing in fear, to facing the Father, to faith in His forecast. Her response is found in Genesis 16:13, “Then she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees; for she said, ‘Have I also here seen Him who sees me?’ (NKJ)

When we find ourselves in fear, we have but to turn our face to the Father. He is ever looking out for us and will be for us as He was for Hagar: the God Who Sees. If we listen, we will hear a word of forecast from His word for our future. Matthew 6:8b says, “…For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him” (NKJ). Once we recognize our Lord as the God Who Sees, our hearts will open in amazement when it truly dawns on as it dawned on Hagar: I also have seen Him who sees me!


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