Sharons Interview with Felicia LaTeef

Dear Blog Readers,

For the past few months, at the end of each blog post, I have included a note in the copyright line for you to check out my show on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network: Life That Matters with Sharon Norris Elliott. I’ve included here a link to one of my recent interviews. Please check out this broadcast with a beautiful, exciting lady by the name of Felicia LaTeef.

I invite you to surf around the network and enjoy all the wonderful programming that’s available for everyone in the family, 24-hours a day! Please allow the network to bless you and spread the word to all your friends!

No pressure, but if you feel so moved, you can also help my show and the network by supporting us financially. Contact the network and order my books, call in and make a one-time or a monthly pledge, or write in to send your gift by check. Please be sure to indicate that you are contacting in response to:

Life That Matters with Sharon Norris Elliott.

I will be back soon with more regular devotions, I promise. In the meantime, watch the wonderful programming on the network. Soon, several of my Life That Matters shows will air just containing some Bible messages from me – sort of a live, 30-minute devotion!

Thank you for being faithful devotion readers. Now you can enjoy the Word live as well!

On the journey,



~ by sanewriter on November 23, 2015.

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