4/5/15: Reality!


My three-day, Facebook debate with an atheist ended when we came to an impasse. My final evidence for the existence of God and Lordship of Jesus Christ is the Bible. The consistency of the internal evidence is enough for me, but at Biola University, I did study external evidence supporting its authencity and veracity. Once my atheist debater began to spew ugly accusations about Jesus’ birth, no matter what evidence I gave, our conversation was over.

No matter how much he says the Biblical record is untrue, or claims to have conflicting “evidence,” the thing that bothers me most is that if he doesn’t change his views, he’s in for a rude awakening when he dies. I know that sounds contradictory–death vs. an awakening–but there is an awakening for us all when we die. The Bible promises believers eternal life in the presence of God; it promises unbelievers everlasting torment in which they are consciously aware that it was their denial of Christ that has caused their eternal state.

An old song once said, “If heaven never were promised to me, neither God’s promise to live eternally, it’s been worth just having the Lord in my life.” I agree, but thank God He’s real, Easter celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, heaven exists, and I’m going! Matthew 28:6 states all the facts we need. “He is not here; for He is risen, as He said.”

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