6/2014: Thank you, Blog Readers!

Dear Blog Readers,

This is just a little note to thank you for reading these blogs. With each entry, comes my heart’s desire that you are uplifted, inspired, and even sometimes challenged by the message. I want to hear from God each day, so the goal of these posts is simply to share with you what God has shared with me from His word.

I am in the process of submitting 366 of these blog posts to be published in a devotional collection book I’ve entitled 366 Glimpses of God. You can help me show the publisher that there would be interest in such a devotion by helping me boost this blog’s readership. There are currently 2,591 other people besides yourself receiving the blog in their email daily. (The blog also posts to my  Facebook and Twitter accounts.) If all 2,592 of you would ask just 5 additional people to click the tab to subscribe to this blog, the number of subscribers would jump to 12,960! (Then if each of those new people would do the same thing, the number of subscribers would catapult to 56,840!)

So I am asking that each of you subscribers ask only 5 people (who do not already subscribe) to subscribe to this blog. Send your friends a personal invitation to subscribe, and then also send them the latest post (“The Builder”), or another post that moved you. If you are receiving these posts via Facebook or Twitter, thank you, and I’d love for you to help expand the readership as well! Let’s see how far we can spread the word by the Fourth of July!

Thanks in advance.

Live Significantly!

Love, Sharon


~ by sanewriter on June 27, 2014.

2 Responses to “6/2014: Thank you, Blog Readers!”

  1. Praise the Lord Sis Sharon, your blogs truly are a blessing to me. The Lord uses you at the perfect moment. I’ve been encouraged, convicted, renewed to name a few. Yes, I can share this with others to subscribe. Even though I have been a little selfish keeping the blogs all to myself when I’m nestled in my prayer. I will be lifting you up in prayer
    God bless you Karen Ferguson York, Pa

  2. I hope that others are sharing too. A little late commenting, yet if you campaign I pray that you get elected:)

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