1/5/14: God’s Recommendation


I am often tasked with writing college recommendations for my students. Each time I write one, I have to sit and think about that student’s characteristics, what makes him or her special, and why that college should accept him or her. Usually, it’s easy to write glowing comments, but sometimes I have to dig down deep to say favorable things while still telling the truth about the student’s past academic prowess (or lack thereof). The university is looking for qualified applicants, and my words must convince the acceptance committee that this particular student is exactly who them want.

When God needed a helmsman for the ark, He looked for a qualified person as well. We know Noah wasn’t flawless; no human being is. But God found some tendencies and a mindset in Noah that He could applaud. In Genesis 6:8-9; 7:1; and 7:5, God says Noah:

  • Found grace in His eyes
  • Was a just man
  • Was perfect in his generations
  • Walked with Him
  • Was righteous before Him
  • Did according to all He commanded him to do


If God took a look are our tendencies and our mindset, and wrote out our qualifications for service, would He see anything in us that He could use? Would God recommend us for any particular task He might have in mind? Are we not taking grace for granted, realizing that grace is not cheap, and living as best we can as just, perfect, and righteous children of the King? Are we walking closely enough to Him to hear what He wants us to do, and then moving to do it without hesitation?

Let’s stop falling back on the old adage that there is nothing good within us. As an unsaved sinner, that’s true; but as a blood-bought, baptized, Holy Ghost filled saint, God’s Spirit is within us empowering us. That’s very good and makes us qualified for use.

Worship God today for being the gracious One—the Qualifier—who uses us in his service.


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~ by sanewriter on January 5, 2014.

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  1. Order my steps in your word.

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