9/30/13: Filled! Now What?


Suppose I filled my beautiful crystal goblets with my special homemade lemonade. Let’s say I went out of my way to put just the right amount of shaved ice in each glass, topped each one off with a sprig of mint, added little umbrellas and colorful straws, and served them to my guests on a silver platter. For a moment, I might want to hear some compliments on the presentation, but the important ooohs and ahhhs would come when they tasted and fell in love with the lemonade. Most likely, they’d want the recipe in order to share my amazing elixir with their friends.

As I read Acts 2, I was reminded of how wrapped up some of us get in the presentation of being filled with the Holy Spirit, yet spend precious little time concentrating on what the result of being filled with the Spirit should be. The amazement of the Day of Pentecost was not the fact that the followers of Jesus were speaking in languages they did not previously know. The amazement was that people from all over the world heard them speaking in their own languages “the wonderful works of God” (Acts 2:11).

I challenge you today to two things. First, study through all the New Testament. Look up every passage that discusses when people were “filled with the Spirit.” You will discover that sometimes they spoke in other tongues and sometimes they didn’t, but every time the result included speaking, and they spoke about the wonderful works of God. Second, examine your own life. Does your mouth speak of God’s wonderful works? As is stated in I Corinthians 12:3b “…and no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except by the Holy Spirit” (NIV).

Are we more excited about the goblet – the great feeling we get when we know God has touched and filled us – than we are about the lemonade – that which is in the glass, waiting to be tasted, loved, and shared? Do those around us hear in their own language, through our words and actions, the wonderful works of God? Do they hunger and thirst for the “recipe” of what we they see in us?

Filled? Okay. Now what?


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  1. Walk this way!

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