9/25/13: Get Rid of the But’s


The toughest thing I have to do in my job as a high school English teacher is to inform one of my seniors that he is not graduating because he failed my class. Predictably, he suddenly wants to do extra-credit and make-up work when all year long, he has messed around, missed assignments, refused to read the books, and shrugged off the possibility of the inevitable. The final whine is, “So all the work I did counted for nothing?”

It’s a sad reality, but the answer to that question is, “That’s right. The work that you didn’t do tarnished the work that you did do.”

I’m reminded of this truth when I read of the Old Testament kings. For example, Asa, one of the early kings of Judah “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord…but the high places were not removed” I Kings 15:11 & 14. (The high places were temples and altars used for worship to other gods.) You see, the thing Asa didn’t do tarnished the record of the things he did do. Just because God didn’t strike him down right then doesn’t mean God was pleased with what Asa allowed. We know that because God mentioned it.

What are the “but’s” we ignore? What have we either built or refused to relinquish? Are there “high places” in our lives that we won’t tear down? Maybe a grudge, anger, or resentment toward a family member or co-worker sits as a high place. Perhaps it’s the unbalanced drive for success or stinginess with finances (to the point of refusal to tithe) that looms as a high place. It could even be a way of life with which we have become comfortable, for which we are making exceptions, and which we refuse to give to God. Whatever our high places may be, they are tarnishing the life we are trying to live for God.

Join me today in asking God to reveal any “high places” He wants removed from our lives. Let’s begin the demolition immediately.

Reflect upon this verse: “Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Eccl 8:11 (NKJ).


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