9/10/13: Good For Something

I don’t hear it much anymore, but I used to hear older people remark of a person who seemed to be wasting his life that that person was “good for nothing.” That phrase would be used as an adjective to heighten the meaning of a noun: So-and-so is a good-for-nothing scoundrel, a good-for-nothing lowlife, a good-for-nothing loud mouth, etc. Or the phrase was spoken in exasperated tones by itself with the shake of the head: So-and-so is simply good for nothing.

We prove ourselves to be good for nothing in God’s economy. Perhaps God won’t give certain things to us because He knows He can’t get those things through us. If He can’t trust us to tithe $10 out of every $100 we receive, He knows He can’t prosper us with $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, or a million. If He can’t trust us to carry out an honorable relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, He knows He can’t prosper us with a Godly spouse. If He can’t trust us to get to work on time and be obedient to our employer, He knows He can’t prosper us with our own business.

It’s pretty depressing to be good for nothing. This means out of all the possible lines of work or areas of service that can be named, we’re ill-suited for them all because our actions prove we can’t handle it or we won’t follow through.

No matter what has been said over us by those looking in from the outside, thankfully, God has made each and every one of us with a purpose. We are good for something. Sometimes, though, we get that purpose twisted as we believe we were born onto this planet to gather all we can for ourselves before we die. We’ve even misunderstood the Bible’s idea of prosperity.

The psalmist prayed, “Save now, I pray, O LORD; O LORD, I pray, send now prosperity” (Ps 118:25, NKJ). He did not mean, “Give me victory and give me lots of money.” The Hebrew word used for prosperity – tsalach – means “break out, come mightily, go over, be good, be meet, be profitable, cause to/effect/make to/send prosperity/prosperous/prosperously.” In other words, this prayer for prosperity says, “Lord, give me victory and cause me to break out and push forward in being profitable for others. Make me good for something.”

What is the “something” you are good for today? In what ways is your life profitable to someone else? How is God prospering you in order to be profitable for others? Discover it, act on it, and be good for something.


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