8/17: I Choose to Hear


A gorgeous Christian Conference center on the East coast is located right on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay. Although all of the rooms are cozy, if you’re lucky, you can spend your stay in a coveted room on the side of the main inn with a bay view. During my last visit, however, I was not assigned one of those rooms. Instead, my view looked out on the pool, yes a body of water, but it’s no Chesapeake Bay especially at sunset. Besides that, my room was the first one off the center lobby, just behind the elevators, and on the main hallway that led to the dining area. Every so often, I could hear the little “ding” as the elevator doors open and closed, and could pick up snatches of laughter and conversation as folks headed to meals.

At first I thought if it were possible, it would be nice to shift to the other side of the inn and another hallway where I’d be able to enjoy the bay view and a little more quiet, but then I discovered something. I had a strong internet signal in my room. Generally, the internet signal can only be picked up in the center lobbies and the business center. If you want to log on, you have to take your computer to those areas. So now my choice: do I lug all my unpacked stuff across the hall to enjoy the view, or do I kick my shoes off, put on my jammies, and log on whenever I wanted?

I realized my choice was not just about the view of the bay or the pool. My choice concerned which was more valuable to me: seeing or hearing. If I stayed in my current room, I’d have to leave it (which would require the work of looking at least slightly presentable) to sit in a public area anytime I wanted to enjoy the bay view. If I moved, I’d be inconvenienced whenever I chose to hear from friends or communicate with them via the internet.

Would I rather see God or hear God? Obviously I want to do both, but if I had to make the choice, I’d rather hear Him. This room dilemma caused me to realize just how much I value the sound of God’s voice as it rings in my heart and mind. It’s God’s voice that spoke to the writers of the Scriptures I love so much – those words which form the backdrop for my very profession as a minister of God’s word as I write and teach.

God’s voice is His word, and even when we can’t see God in the circumstances, what a comfort to know we can hear His voice. John 10:27 says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (NKJ). Wherever we might be placed, may we always be able to “connect” with God’s voice and clearly hear His messages to us.

Oh, and let the conference center know I’m okay with this room every time.


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~ by sanewriter on August 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “8/17: I Choose to Hear”

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  2. I hear that sister!

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