7/22: Keep Up


One of the most charming things I like to see is a father walking with his little children. As his long legs make extended strides, their little legs move double-time to keep up. Sometimes it seems as though the father doesn’t notice, but at other times, he seems to be on such a mission to get where he’s going that the children just have to suck it up and keep up. They may feel like calling, “Wait up,” to their dad, but they simply say nothing, keep following, and move their legs faster. They are not as concerned about the destination as they are with keeping up with their daddy. As long as he’s in view, they’re fine.

At times, the disciples had their eyes more on what they thought the destination might be, and less on Jesus Himself. Throughout the entire three years of Jesus’ ministry with the twelve, lots of the time was spent with those guys having wrinkled brows wondering things like, What did He just say? Did we just see what we thought we saw? and Where are we going now? The spent the majority of those three years trying to figure out the destination rather than concentrating on their relationship with the Leader. Finally, when it was time for Jesus to die, Luke 9:41 tells us, “Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem” (NKJ). Imagine the disciples’ consternation then. They knew of the haters waiting for Jesus there, and figured that if anything bad were to happen to Him, they’d never reach whatever destination to which they were heading. Yet beyond their comprehension, He was determined to go into the wasp nest of Jerusalem. Their legs had to just keep up with Him.

On our journey with Jesus, let’s be more like the little children than like the adult disciples in this regard: don’t worry about the destination; simply keep up with the Master. He has “set His face” to take us where He is leading us. All we have to do is keep up as He walks before us. Following Christ means we don’t just allow God to be part of the walking group; we actually allow Him to lead. And even when He’s walking fast, or He’s headed toward something or someplace that frightens us, move faster, continue following, and be determined to keep up. Following Jesus and becoming like Him is the ultimate destination.


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~ by sanewriter on July 22, 2013.

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