6/29: Man-up to Your Choices

In response to the current Supreme Court decision to overturn Proposition 8 in California and get rid of DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act), I have received suggestions to read a certain blog and watch a YouTube video. The blog was that of a mother of a gay son. The young man struggled with his parents “misunderstanding” as they led him to God’s word for several years after he came out to them. When that didn’t “work,” the young man turned to drugs that eventually ruined and took his life. Now, in the wake of her son’s death, the mother has “realized” she didn’t really love him like she should have. She’d rather have him back with a male lover than be in the pain of having lost him. The other suggestion, the YouTube video, puts forth the point that we all need to give up our right to being right and honor any choice anyone wants to make.

I read the blog post, watched the video, and then read people’s comments. Of course, all the comments were in total agreement. After all, it would be totally callous to disagree with a grieving parent. That mother feels her reactions were wrong or else her son would not have been driven to put himself at enough risk that he would actually die. His death is essentially his mother’s fault because she was so narrow-minded as to insist upon agreeing with the Bible about homosexuality. As the video says, if that parent could have just given up her right to be right, and honor her son’s choice (which means accept it as right), all this pain would have been avoided.

It’s wrong for anyone’s child to die. It’s just as wrong that parents be forced to surrender their Biblically-based beliefs to arm-twisting so their children can get their way. “If you don’t agree with my lifestyle choices, I’ll hurt myself.” That’s the same threat used by five-years-old, only then, the worst they could think to do was hold their breath or run away from home.

Everyone needs to man-up. Realize that it’s impossible for opposites to be the same, thus the definition of the word “opposite.” The only way there will be agreement over this homosexual issue is for one side to change its views. Gay children want their parents to accept their lifestyle, and face it, for parents who hold the Biblical view as the truth, that’s not going to happen. Parents also don’t agree with every lifestyle choice their straight children make. Understand that disagreement does not mean that parents no longer love their gay kids. And parents must realize that grown children’s choices are not proof of their failure as parents. They are not gay (or drug addicts, or imprisoned, or whatever else) in order to hurt their parents. Grown people’s choices—and the resulting consequences—are their own.

The words of Joshua 24:15 speaks to both sides when it says “choose today whom you will serve” (NLT). There is a correct choice in this, and all other matters. And God is not schizophrenic. Those who follow Him—both kids and parents—must trust that His one voice will be heard through His Holy Spirit. God’s side is the right side. May both parents and children man-up and submit to His voice, letting it alone guide the lifestyle, action, and reaction choices we make.


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~ by sanewriter on June 29, 2013.

2 Responses to “6/29: Man-up to Your Choices”

  1. Amen. Thanks for saying so, Sharon.

  2. Thank you Father God for allowing me to choose you as the Head of my life.

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