6/21: You Talk Too Much

A very funny popular song of the 1960’s said, “You talk too much, you worry me to death. You talk too much, you even worry my pet. You just talk, talk, talk talk; you talk too much!” Whenever I think of that song, I’m reminded my family. As the youngest of three children born to Vincent and Nancy Norris, I must have seemed like quite a puzzle. Although my brother, the oldest, always struck me as a comedian, his military- mindedness brought out his serious side, and he was gone to the Marine Corps by the time I finished kindergarten. Everyone else – my sister Saundra, Momma, and Daddy – was pretty reserved, and then there was me. I chatted, sang, questioned, discussed; I even taught school to my dolls. I could always find something to talk about, something that needed to be said. No one ever hampered my chatter, but I was different.

My daddy was especially quiet. Although he was the senior pastor of a large congregation, at home, we hardly ever heard him utter a word. He wasn’t distant; he was just quiet. I remember letting him know one day how much his silence disturbed me. He listened attentively to my rant, and then told me how important words were to him. Besides the requirement of his job to keep many things in confidence, he never wanted to hurt us with his words. He found it better to show us how he felt by his actions. He was at every game, recital, and performance. He was home every night and he supplied for us everything we needed. Lots of words weren’t necessary to get the job done.

My daddy lived by the Bible he taught and James 3:2 was probably one of his life verses. It says, “For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body” (NKJ).

God doesn’t expect all of us to be super quiet. There’s nothing wrong with us chatty Kathy’s. After all, who would all the quiet people have to listen to? My job requires me to talk a lot; I teach and speak for a living. Still, even we talkers can be careful about what we say. We can think before we speak, pray before we utter our words, and listen carefully so we know what we should say in any situation. We want to be perfect – mature – so it behooves us to bridle our tongues and not be guilty of the chorus: You just talk, talk, talk, talk; you talk too much.


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One Response to “6/21: You Talk Too Much”

  1. I remember that song as well. Father, thank you for bridling my tongue

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