5/25: New Feet

Back in 1979, Tyndale House Publishers published a little novel by Hannah Hurnard entitled Hinds’ Feet in High Places. This allegory follows the life of Little Much Afraid and her two companions, Sorrow and Suffering, as they travel together to the high places and she is transformed by her relationship with her Shepherd. Hurnard received inspiration to write the book from Habakkuk 3:19 which says, “The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills” (NKJ).

Years before Hurnard read Habakkuk, Habakkuk must have been reading the scrolls holding the writings of prophets that preceded him because the book of Second Samuel records David saying much the same thing. After a great deliverance from four especially treacherous Philistine giants, David “spoke to the Lord the words of this song” in Second Samuel, chapter 22. Among many other expressions of praise, he says, “He makes my feet like the feet of deer, and sets me on my high places” II Samuel 22:34 (NKJ).

What are King David, the prophet Habakkuk, and Hannah Hurnard all trying to tell us? They are relating several truths:

  1. The Site: God has places to which He intends to take us. The “bamah” or high place is a place of worship and of victory.
  2. The Stipulation: Before we can get to the high places, some transformation must take place in us. The feet I have cannot be placed on the high places. Only transformed feet are “set” and “made to walk” on the high places. God will only allow feet on the high places that are feet that have been changed by Him.
  3. The Surgeon: God crafts the new feet. “He will make my feet like deer’s feet.” Only feet that are surrendered to God’s surgical instruments will come out like feet that are fit for the high places. God may use disappointment, disillusionment, disease, dismay, or even death. He may have to stretch the bones, break the bones, twist the bones, and reshape the bones, before He is able to reset the bones of our “feet” so that they are able to walk on the high places He has for us. The questions are, first, do we really want to go to the high places; and second, do we really trust the surgeon?
  4. The Success: Once out of the bandages, we’ll probably wonder what took us so long to go in for “foot surgery.” We will stand and walk on the high hills. We’ll walk in worship. We’ll understand and enjoy victory.

Let’s decide today that we do indeed want to go to the high places God has for us. We’ll put our feet up and into God’s hands to see what He’ll make of them, to the end that we may stand and walk where He intends to take us.


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~ by sanewriter on May 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “5/25: New Feet”

  1. Once again our extraordinary bible teaching minister has fed us the “strong meat” of the Word in a way that is tremendously edifying and easily digestible. I especially appreciate this devotional because it is helping me to understand and apply a biblical text that is rarely preached or taught from. Sharon’s great and extraordinary exposition of this text is highly edifying! It is also applying to various aspects of my walk with Almighty God rather personally from both a natural and supernatural standpoint. For this reason I feel led to revisit this and meditate on it. I really like the fact that you tied that text in with the book: “Hinds Feet on High Places” because when I read it, I struggled with understanding the over-arching meaning of many of the allegories. You have summed it up in one fail swoop. That is, in my opinion, one mark of an excellent writer, One of your sub-points under major point number 3 was a bit scary for me. You teach us in those sub-points the different “instruments” that God may have to use in His performance of foot surgery on us. I understood many of the “instruments” stated except the instrument of “death.” Sharon, I really need help with that one. I feel like the fiery trials that have been raging in my life for much too long could be seriously trying to move me in that direction, and I don’t know what to believe or do. Specifically, In the face of death, how can we then reach and travel on those high places? Thank you so much for your faithfulness.

    Always yours with the love of God in Christ Jesus,

  2. Comfort in God, before looks of deception.

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