4/23: Satisfied


Webster’s New World Dictionary defines satisfaction as “a filling of the needs, expectations, wishes, or desires of someone; contentment, gratification; compliance with rules, standards, or obligations; being free from doubt or anxiety; convinced.” Conversely, when our needs, expectations, wishes, and desires are not met, we are apt to feel dissatisfied. Synonyms of the word “dissatisfied” are frustrated, disturbed, offended, rubbed the wrong way, irked, annoyed, ticked off, let down, disappointed, and weary. According to the definition above, discontentment could be caused by non-compliance with rules, standards, and obligations.

Jeremiah 31:14b says, “My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD” (NKJ). It could well be that if we are dissatisfied in life, that could be because we are desiring things God doesn’t intend for us to have. We could be spinning our wheels expecting God to do things when we aren’t complying with His rules and standards. Perhaps we’re not entirely convinced that God’s goodness – what He has provided and purposed for us – is enough.

Being satisfied with God’s goodness doesn’t mean we reach a point at which there is nothing more for us to do. As the definition above states, satisfaction is a compliance with obligations. We live satisfied lives when we are convinced of our purpose and are operating in it.

Satisfaction is not so much a function of possessions and position as it is a function of perspective. In order to move into a satisfied mindset, perhaps we should take a look at our needs, expectations, wishes, and desires. Are we desiring and expecting what God desires and expects for us? If so, are we then complying with His rules, standards, and obligations in order for Him to be able to trust us when He fulfills those wishes? We cannot place our hope for fulfillment in any other source but God.

Try something radical. Write your desires on a piece of paper. Now release them to God, surrendering them to His editing process. Trust Him with whatever He may want to do with them. Allow Him to be free to confirm, redirect, substitute, or even eliminate anything on the list. Ask Him to give you back a list – written on the tables of your heart – of only His desires for you. Believe me, as you watch God fulfill those desires (since they’re His anyway), you will be satisfied.


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~ by sanewriter on April 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “4/23: Satisfied”

  1. I am satisfied, and sanctified…talking about two-for-one!

  2. Thank you, Sharon.

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