4/8: The Benefit Package


Times are hard and it’s becoming difficult to find a job with a great benefit package. In exchange for the work we’ll put in on the job, factoring in our educational background and work experience, we would like a benefit package that includes things like a medical, dental, and vision plan; stock options, a retirement plan, an expense account, and vacation time.

Well, in the Kingdom of God, our work comes with a great benefit package. Three times in John, chapter 14, Jesus lays out our job description – keep the commandments of Jesus – and our benefits.

  • #1: (John 15:15-16) If we keep the commandments, the Father will give us another Helper (a Comforter), known as the Spirit of truth (the Holy Spirit), who will do a bunch of stuff for us (see verses 17 and 26).
  • #2: (John 15:21) If we keep the commandments, the Father will love us, Jesus will love us, and Jesus will show Himself to us.
  • #3: (John 15:23) If we keep the commandments, The Father and the Son will come to us and make Their home with us.

Now don’t get it twisted. These verses are not saying that our salvation comes as a result of the works we do. Salvation is a free gift thanks to the work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. However, the “life more abundantly” unfolds for us as a result of our obedience now that we are saved. The if-then construction of these verses is not there by accident. “If” statements set up a contingency; the “then” part only happens based upon the fulfillment of the “if” part.

So, if we keep the commandments, then a comforter, comprehension, and companions are promised. That’s a pretty great three-fold benefit package in exchange for the “work” of keeping the commandments, wouldn’t you say?


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One Response to “4/8: The Benefit Package”

  1. Psalm 103:2, says it best.

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