4/7: What Delights Us?


We may not use the word “delight” too much anymore nowadays, but it’s a great word. The Hebrew word translated “delight” in today’s focus verse is “chaphets” and it means “to take pleasure in, desire, and be pleased with.”

Now think about that definition for a moment. To what can it be applied in your life? Let’s see, for me, I take pleasure in spending time with my husband, seeing my children prosper, discovering a new insight from God’s word, and hearing or delivering a great sermon. I desire to see my dreams fulfilled. I am pleased about time off from work, a shopping trip when I can buy new clothes and shoes (especially at a great sale price), participating in a great conference, and finishing a project.

Before reading on, make your own mental delight list. In what do you take pleasure? What do you desire? With what are you pleased?

Now let’s end the suspense. Today’s focus verse is Psalm 40:8 in which the Psalmist says, “I delight to do Your will, O my God,
And Your law is within my heart” (NKJ). If we are to have the attitude of the Psalmist, we should be just as delighted to do God’s will as we are with the things on our personal delight list.

Let’s stop looking at what God’s word says to us as drudgery. Look at obeying God’s word as a delight, as something to desire and take pleasure in. Even if we don’t understand why God is saying something, let’s just trust Him and jump right in, delightfully doing what He has said. He will never steer us wrong.


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One Response to “4/7: What Delights Us?”

  1. Walk with me Lord. Walk with me while I am on this tedious journey, I want you Lord to walk with me.

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