2/23: A Striking Resemblance


Whenever I take pictures with my sons, I’m amazed at how much they look like me. (Handsome hunks, I must say!) And that ought to be the case. After all, I had quite a huge part in bringing them into the world and half of my DNA is in them, so it stands to reason that they would resemble me in some ways. When people see us together, the resemblance is clear – sometimes even striking.

It’s nice to resemble what’s good about our parents in some way. If it’s not by looks, it can be by personality, habits, mannerisms, or sayings. When people who knew our parents see us, they will probably remark about how much we remind them of our folks. And if the resemblance is striking, people will react to us with the same love, respect, and tender feelings with which they afforded our parents.

Those who knew His Father recognized Jesus. A prime example is that of the demons. Mark 3:11 says, “And the unclean spirits, whenever they saw Him, fell down before Him and cried out, saying, ‘You are the Son of God’” (NKJ). Jesus didn’t have to do anything except show up on the scene and they recognized Him immediately. Their reaction was to fall down and cry out, exclaiming who He was.

We may resemble our natural parents, but do we resemble our Heavenly one? Do people see us and immediately recognize that we are children of God? If so, they will respond to us in the same way in which they respond to God. Those who don’t know Him will likely be put off by our witness, but those who are related to us by the blood of Christ will see the family resemblance. In either case, in the final analysis, everyone we meet should be able to say of each of us, “You are a child of God.”


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~ by sanewriter on February 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “2/23: A Striking Resemblance”

  1. love the picture. very handsome son, and I pray everyone who know’s me know that I am a child of God and that he is my daddy

  2. You go mom!!! The resemblance is striking. Very handsome young men. I pray that my walk, speech and disposition displays Christlike characteristics.

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