2/15: Forsaking Jesus

Nobody likes fair weather friends. These are the folks who say they’ll be with you through think and thin, but when thin actually comes, they’re no where to be found. It’s frustrating, disappointing, and downright maddening to discover that people you thought would have your back, end up turning theirs when you need them.

Jesus must have felt this way in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night He was betrayed. His main crew – Peter, James, and John – were with Him when Judas brought the crowd to arrest Him. At first, one of them drew his sword and sliced off the ear of the high priest’s servant, so it looked like Jesus’ boys were getting ready to take on the mob. However, when Jesus in essence told them, “I’ve got this. Don’t you know My Father can send loads of angels to wipe all these guys out, but what’s about to happen has to happen,” they didn’t just stand down, they forsook Him.

You see, standing down and forsaking one’s post or assignment are two different things. When the police or military men stand down, they are still armed and they remain ready for action. They simply do not engage the threat head on. Standing down means they are waiting for further orders. To forsake one’s post means to leave the scene altogether.

That’s what the disciples did. It’s a sad story of a time when they were fair weather friends to Jesus. Read the arrest account in Matthew 26:51-56 and I think you’ll agree with me that the saddest line in the passage is the last line that reads, “Then all the disciples forsook Him and fled.”

Are we the Lord’s fair weather friends? When situations arise that require us to identify ourselves with Him and His interests, do we forsake Him and run? Are we listening for when to stand down and when to step up? Will we speak out against injustice, step up in defense of the weak, and chip in when there’s a need? Will we defend and declare God’s word and when it’s not popular or politically correct to do so? Or do we forsake Jesus right when He needs us to show ourselves as His?


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One Response to “2/15: Forsaking Jesus”

  1. In a time of peace, you do not have to prepare for war…as long as you walk with Jesus and you allow him to walk with you.

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