1/26: Do You Really Know God’s Name?


            Having served on the faculties of Christian writers’ conferences for many years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a few authors and speakers. It’s fun to shoot the breeze with these people of God who write amazing books and deliver inspiring messages. These are the folks whose books I buy when they are up for pre-sale, and they’re the people for whom I will stand in line to get their autograph and new book. These are the speakers I sit up close to hear because I know their presentations will both inform and bless me. I knew their names and their work long before I ever met them in person.

            So you can imagine my surprise when I arrived to a faculty pre-conference meeting and the keynote speaker – a very well-known personality – walked in the room, scanned the faces, brightened when our eyes met, and said, “Hi, Sharon. So good to see you. I was glad to hear we’d be on the faculty together here.”

            Oh my goodness, not only did I know her, but she knew me.

            God deserves this kind of reaction from us. Psalm 9:10 says, “And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.” You see, those of us who really know God by name, recognize Him when He shows up, and know we can trust what He has written and what He says. We look forward to each new revelation we’ll get from His 66 books, and we arrive expectantly when we know His words will go forth.

            This verse sets up action that never ends because all His names are verbs. He’s the God who heals, the God who provides, the God who is our peace, etc. When we really know God’s name, we are sure we can put our trust in Him. As we trust Him, He proves to us that He won’t forsake us by being the action of the name we need Him to be at the time. Since we’re safe in Him, we keep growing in relationship with Him, and learning more about Him; therefore, we’ll know His name even better, and the cycle begins again.

            So hop aboard. Start getting to know God’s name. Trust Him and realize He won’t forsake you. Then in confident assurance, continue to learn more of His name. Trust Him more. Realize even more that He won’t forsake you. Gain even more assurance. Continue to learn more of His name. Etc, etc., etc.


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~ by sanewriter on January 26, 2013.

One Response to “1/26: Do You Really Know God’s Name?”

  1. In all of my getting, I am getting a greater understanding. Thank you Sharon for your insightful blogs. Lots of love to your and yours.

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