I’m My Own Worst Enemy

         During the time of Israel’s history when Jeremiah was the prophet, the people of God spent lots of time doing the wrong thing. The prophet warned them and warned them and warned them, but they just couldn’t seem to stop disobeying God. In his attempt to try to understand why the people kept refusing to return to God, I’m sure Jeremiah was shaking his head as he said, “Surely these are poor. They are foolish; for they do not know the way of the LORD, the judgment of their God” Jeremiah 5:4 (NKJ). He just couldn’t believe that anyone who knows who God is and what God can do could ever possibly turn their backs on Him. This was just a perplexing, unfathomable concept.

            Still, as we read on in the fifth chapter of Jeremiah, we find that indeed, that was the case. The people fully knew who God was and what He could do, yet the prophet tells us the unbelievable, “Their backslidings have increased” (Jeremiah 5:6). Jeremiah finally had to come to the mind-boggling conclusion that “your sins have withheld good from you” (Jeremiah 5:25).

            Wow. The children of Israel were their own worst enemy. And the same goes for us. While we claim to be fully persuaded of all God is and of all God can do, we so easily fall into worry, doubt, and depression when things around us go bad. We immediately take matters into our own hands instead of turning to our omnipotent God and waiting patiently for Him to work it out. We also take our eyes off of God when things are good. Blowing a kiss and waving a thanks to Him, we grab the blessing and run our own direction with it.

           We won’t enjoy the full “good” from God until we get our sins out of the way. I’m not suggesting that we save ourselves—no, Jesus handled our sin problem on the cross. We have the responsibility, though, of turning from our sins, the willfully disobedient actions of our depraved nature that still wants to hold sway over us. As new creatures in Christ (see Second Corinthians 5:17), we now have the ability to obey. We are our own worst enemy when we persist in sin. Let’s not continue to allow our sins to withhold God’s goodness from us.

 Prayer of Adoration: Lord God, what an amazing Father You are to us to not only take away the root of the sin issue, but to also empower us turn from our sinful actions, and then pour good out to us when we obey.


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~ by sanewriter on October 11, 2012.

2 Responses to “I’m My Own Worst Enemy”

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