Having people reach the level of being considered famous is not new. There have always been memorable individuals. In the past, people’s fame grew naturally out of their accomplishments. Nowadays, without a publicist, a slick advertising campaign, and a recognizable brand, accomplishments are likely to be drowned out in the noise of everyone else trying to be recognized, unless of course, you are the absolute best at what you do. We know of Charles Dickens because of his masterful way of crafting stories that taught us many lessons of what’s really important in life. We know of Bill Gates because Microsoft® set the standard in the computer world. We know of Steve Jobs because Apple® products have taken us all to new heights of hand-held technology. Yes, advertising got the word out, but the excellence of the products has kept their work around and has made them memorable.

          God is the very best at what He does, and because of that Hosea 12:5b is able to say, “The LORD is His memorable name” (NKJ). As you go through your day today, take time to observe God’s accomplishments, i.e. His “products.” Then remember the name of the One who created them. For example, as I write this piece, I’m gazing out my office window on the fertile lemon tree in our back yard. God made that tree and placed within it the ability to produce the tart fruit. In this instance, God’s memorable name is Creator. I’m also looking at power lines that stretch from a major source somewhere, to our local power sub-station, to the poles on my block, and to our house. God’s memorable name is Supplier. Or I consider my life, my breath, my beating heart, and know that even when my heart stops, my life will continue in heavenly realms. God’s memorable name is Eternal Sustainer. And in every case, God’s the best at what He has done.

         How many different memorable names of God can you find through your observations of His excellence in just this one day? Make it a regular habit to call forth His memorable name every day.


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~ by sanewriter on July 24, 2012.

One Response to “Memorable”

  1. Yes, yes, yes. yes, yes! You tagged that one, girl. Wonderful writing. God is excellent in everything He does as Creator, Designer, Provider, and Planner. He is our Source. That’s why He gets the front seat driving in my life.

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