Week 17, Day 3: Upset About What Upsets God

A False Witness Who Speaks Lies

          We are almost wrapping up our exploration of being upset about what upsets God by studying the seven things God hates which are listed in Proverbs 6:17-19. The sixth thing God hates is “a false witness who speaks lies” (NKJ). In Matthew Henry’s Commentary on this phrase, the theologian comments:

  • False-witness bearing is one of the greatest mischiefs that the wicked imagination can devise, and against which there is least fence (defense). There cannot be a greater affront to God (to whom in an oath appeal is made) nor a greater injury to our neighbour (all whose interests in this world, even the dearest, lie open to an attack of this kind) than knowingly to give in a false testimony.

        Henry goes on to point out that “there are seven things which God hates, and lying involves two of them; he hates it, and doubly hates it.” Indeed if we recall, “a lying tongue” was hateful thing number two and now here is the offense again, ringing in at number six as well. The first mention seems to have been covering lying about general things—skipping work for a sports victory parade yet telling the boss we’re sick, for instance. The second mention here specifically points to being a false accuser of another person.

         The Hebrew word translated here as “witness” is “`ed” (ayd) which means “testimony, a recorder, or prince. The Hebrew word for “speaks” is “puwach” (poo’akh), a primitive root of to puff, i.e. blow with the breath or air; hence, to fan (as a breeze), to utter, to kindle (a fire), to scoff, and to bring into a snare.” When “’ed” and “puwach” are taken together, we understand them to be describing a person who presents him or herself as reliable and trustworthy (thus the connection with a prince), yet the words being spoken are meant to entrap and leave a negative impression. The deceitful witness is fanning the flames of falsehood to get another person in trouble. The phrase we use today for this type of sedition is “blowing smoke.”

         We wouldn’t want anyone fabricating stories about us, so let’s not do so about others. After all, God clearly hates lying. Both His character and His word (the truth shall set you free) contradict the practice.

Prayer of Thanksgiving: Thank You, God, that You are honest with me. And thank You for the assurance that I can speak the truth in love to others.


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