Week 17, Day 2: Upset About What Upsets God

Feet Swift to Run to Mischief

          The fifth hateful thing to God listed in Proverbs6:18is “feet swift to run to mischief.” When I hear or see that phrase, I’m reminded of elementary school. Whenever angry voices were raised on the playground, all ears perked up, and little feet began to run toward the fight. Everyone wanted to witness the beatdown. Of course, the jostling to see the action often led to new skirmishes and before long, if the teacher on yard duty wasn’t quick enough, there was an all-out, chaotic schoolyard war going on. What should have been a pleasant recess from the work of the classroom turned into a painful experience all because of feet that couldn’t stay away from the scene of trouble.

        Well, we’re no longer in grade school, and hopefully we’ve matured quite a bit since we used to run to see fights, so how is it that we fall into running to mischief as adults?

  • When we are adamant about going where God has not directed, our feet are being swift to run to mischief. Anywhere God has not led us to occupy will become a place of trouble for us.
  • When we insist upon a relationship that God does not want for us, our feet are being swift to run to mischief. Anyone with whom God has not led us to associate will end up being a thorn in our side.
  • When we make a lifestyle choice or decide upon a course of action without God’s clear guidance and approval, our feet are being swift to run to mischief. Anything God has not sanctioned for our lives will help to destroy our lives.
  • When we impatiently charge ahead of, or disobediently lag behind God’s leading, our feet are being swift to run to mischief. Being out of God’s timing – too early or too late – will mean botched or missed blessings.
  • When we maintain our rights to our feelings, thoughts, and predispositions, our feet are being swift to run to mischief. We are running deeper and deeper into ourselves (“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” Jeremiah 17:9, NKJ) which takes us farther and farther from the heart of God.

         May we get off the schoolyard and stop running to mischief. God hates it; so should we.

Prayer of Confession: Lord, my feet have run to ______________. Please forgive me.


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  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait

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