Week 16, Day 2: Upset About What Upsets God – A Proud Look

 A Proud, Haughty (Arrogant) Look

As we study Proverbs 6:16-19, let’s take a look at Matthew Henry’s commentary on the passage. He states that this passage is “a catalogue of those things which are in a special manner odious to God… God hates sin; He hates every sin; He can never be reconciled to it; He hates nothing but sin. But there are some sins which He does in a special manner hate; and all those here mentioned are such as are injurious to our neighbor. It is an evidence of the good-will God bears to mankind that those sins are in a special manner provoking to Him which are prejudicial to the comfort of human life and society.” Henry goes on to state that we must not only hate these sins in others, “but we must hate them in ourselves” as well.

So specifically today dealing with the first in the list of things God hates, again Matthew Henry’s astute words give us an excellent understanding about what the Bible means in Proverbs 6:17 by “a proud look.” “Haughtiness, conceitedness of ourselves, and contempt of others [is what’s being described here as] a proud look. There are seven things that God hates, and pride is the first, because it is at the bottom of much sin and gives rise to it.”

The idea is this: pride makes us inflate our own value and deflate the value of others. Pride makes us put ourselves first. Why does God hate that? Because by doing so, we are puffing ourselves up above God. How is that possible? Two ways: first, God is not as important to us as we are to ourselves. We’ve adopted the slogan “Take care of number one!” Second, our importance to ourselves makes us better than God. After all, God put the whole world before His own Son; how dare we do anything different. If God can put others first, why can’t we?

Psalm 10:4 says, “The wicked in his proud countenance does not seek God; God is in none of his thoughts” (NKJ). Pride evicts God from our thoughts, moving ourselves into His place. When our first instinct is to do what we want to do, say what we want to say, go where we want to go, think what we want to think, and react the way we want to react, we are acting in pride—we are participating in what God hates. In what ways have we been operating with “a proud look?” Do we hate our pride like God does?

Prayer of Confession: Lord, I have been operating in pride in the following areas: _____________________________________


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