Week 4, Day 5 – Let There Be Light

Spiritual Discipline to Practice: Witnessing

          The lists of spiritual disciplines from which I am studying do not list “witnessing” as one of them. Obviously I disagree with its omission since I’m presenting it here. It is the job of every believer to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations… teaching them to observe all things” that Christ commanded. (See Matthew 28:19-20, NKJ.) Simply put, we are not just called upon to tell people what great things the Lord has done for us, but we are also told to stick with those people, if at all possible, and train them – through our words and our life example – to be obedient believers. By this instruction, witnessing is much more than just the reading of a tract and a pat on the back. Witnessing is the work of a life dedicated to Christ and poured into others in order to make them dedicated to Christ so they can pour into others, ad infinitum.

           Does that mean we should only open our mouths about Christ to someone if we plan to dedicate the next few years to discipling them? No. Sometimes we don’t even know how our witness for Christ has impacted others. In many cases, if we are living for God as we should, we may never know. There will probably be folks at our funeral who have fond remembrances they never divulged to us. Scripture also says some plant and some water but God gives the increase. (See First Corinthians 3:6-7.) Never be afraid, ashamed, or intimidated by people to talk about Jesus. We never know if it’s planting, watering, or harvest time in any one person’s life with whom we cross paths.

           Sometimes, though, people do tell us that we’ve made a difference in their lives because of how we live our Christian lives before them, or because of what we’ve said to them about our Lord. Maybe you’ve even had the exciting opportunity to pray with someone as he/she placed trust in Christ for the very first time.

           Recall times when you have allowed the light of Christ that is in you to shine and someone has been positively impacted because of that. How long ago was that? Or maybe you cannot think of ever impacting another person’s life with news of the Gospel. Be encouraged either by your memory of past times or your eagerness to speak up now. Allow that memory or that zeal to ignite your excitement about shining your light so others can see Jesus. This weekend, let your light shine as you practice the spiritual discipline of witnessing. You can:

  1. Tell someone (who doesn’t already know it) that you are a Christian.
  2. Share with someone (give a testimony) about something special only God could have done for you.
  3. Invite an unbeliever to enter the family of God by becoming a Christian.
    1. Share with them a witnessing tract such as The Four Spiritual Laws by Campus Crusade for Christ.
    2. Lead someone to Christ via theRoman Road(Romans3:23; 5:8;6:23, 10:9-10).
    3. Don’t forget to “close the deal” by praying with him/her at the end and having the person verbally pray to invite Jesus into his/her heart.
  4. Through your testimony, gently challenge a believer to change some things in his/her life to bring that life into line with God’s word.


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