Week 4, Day 3 – Let There Be Light

         Think further about or write your heart’s response to the passages mentioned so far this week as we think about God and light:

 (Questions 1 – 4 refer to John 3:19-21)

  1. Is there any aspect of darkness (sinful thoughts or deeds) with which you are particularly comfortable? If so, what is it and what is your justification for being all right with it?
  2. How would you feel and what would you do if that bit of darkness in your life were exposed?
  3. Read John 8:1-12 to see how Jesus handled it when someone’s darkness was exposed. Put yourself and your darkness in the place of the person in that story. What is Jesus saying to you and what is your response?
  4. What happens when we walk in the light? (First John 1:5-7)
  5. What should be our response when the Lord sheds His light on us? (Psalm 97:12-12)
  6. Name some things we are able to do now that we are children of light. (Ephesians 5:6-14)

 Prayer of Thanksgiving: Lord, thank you for shining Your light on my life, especially in the area(s) of…


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