New Format for 2012

January 1, 2012

Dear Devotional Readers,

         (In case you missed yesterday’s post about our new 2012 format, here it is again. If you got that post, skip this and go on to this morning’s devotion and get started! God bless your week!)  

         It’s been a great year having devotional moments with you. During 2011, all the devotions were centered on some aspect of God’s character. I trust we all feel much closer to Him since we know a bit more about Him. After I made that determination to write each day about God, and as I read through my Bible, I wondered whether or not I would actually find something new each day. What was I thinking? There are so many things about God, if I wrote every day on Him for the rest of my life, I would never exhaust all there is to know about Him. I have notes left over of ideas that did not make it into the 365 days of 2011. You can go back and read over some of those devotions as they are perpetually on the blog, but my goal is to publish these devotions and release them for 2013 tentatively entitled 366 Glimpses of God. Perhaps we’ll add some journaling space and prayer prompts. I will keep you updated.

           Now it’s time to move into 2012! This year, now that we’ve spent time getting to know God better, we’ll allow Him to permeate our being. Like Mary of Bethany, we’ll sit “at the Lord’s feet, listening to His word” (Luke10:39, NAS), realizing as she did that “only one thing is necessary” (Luke10:42, NAS) and we too are choosing to soak His word in. Our goal is to develop a heart for God’s word so much so that we will live like we mean what we say we believe.

           The devotional format for 2012 is as follows:

  • Monday: Read the devotional selection for the theme or principle for the week.
  • Tuesday: Read related cross references on the theme/principle.
  • Wednesday: Comment through directed journaling on the verses and theme/principle. (You may want to use a spiral notebook, a purchased journal, or start a file in your computer to write/type your journaling responses to each week’s theme and each day’s prayer prompts.)
  • Thursday: Think through how God wants you to work the theme/principle of the week into your life.
  • Friday: Connect the week’s theme/principle to a spiritual discipline to be practiced over the weekend.

          I look forward to going through 2012 with God and you this year as we develop a heart for the Word, and as we live like we mean what we say we believe. Live Significantly!

          Love, Sharon


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