The Answer Key

           Whenever I devise a test or quiz for my students, I always make an answer key. After the kids have completed the exercises, I will use the answer key to see if what they have written matches with what I’ve said the answers should be. If the students have listened to the words of my lessons in class and have read the appropriate books, when it’s time to give the answers to the test, they will be well aware of the correct things to write. Their answers will match the answer key and they will be happy with their high grade.

           Psalm 119:41-42 says, “Let Your mercies come also to me, O LORD—your salvation according to Your word. So shall I have an answer for him who reproaches me, for I trust in Your word” (NKJ). God’s mercies—checed (Hebrew)—refer to His kindness, His favor, His pity, and His good deeds toward us. God’s salvation—teshuw’ah (Heb.)—refers to His rescue (either literal or figurative), deliverance, help, and safety. If we internalize this verse as our own, we come to understand that God’s kindness and good deeds flow to us resulting in our deliverance, rescue, and assistance. When others want to defame our name or sully our character—when who we are in God is tested—we’ll have an answer because we have come to trust in God’s word.

          We learn of God’s mercies and His salvation through His word. By taking advantage of both, we’ll have the answers we need when we face life’s challenges. God’s word then, is the answer key to the tests we face in this life. The neat thing about this answer key is that God allows us to see it in order to match our lives to it daily. He actually prefers for us to copy the answers. Like with my students, as we continue to listen to His lessons and read the right book (the Bible), when it’s time for the tests, we can confidently take them, knowing that our answers line up with God’s.


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