Respect Planter

           God sent His Son to save us and He’s supplied the Holy Spirit to keep us, but still we act a fool. God wants to be good to us, but we are so hopelessly wicked in our sinful nature, that all optimism would be gone if God didn’t do even something else.

          When dealing with the children ofIsrael, God ran across the same thick-headedness that continues to plague us today. Through the prophet Jeremiah, God says, “And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from doing them good; but I will put My fear in their hearts so that they will not depart from Me. Yes, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will assuredly plant them in this land, with all My heart and with all My soul” Jeremiah 32:40-41 (NKJ).

          Do you see it? Couched smack dab in the middle of God’s affirming words to make an everlasting covenant, to not turn away, to do good, to rejoice over them, and to plant them in the land, God has dropped the words “but I will put My fear in their hearts.” The Hebrew word “yirah” translated here as “fear” means “moral reverence.” We are so lame-brained and bent toward disobedience that God knows He can’t even depend upon His goodness to keep us by His side. Since it’s not naturally anywhere in us already, God has had to plant in us the respect for Him we need to keep us on the right road. In other words, the desire we feel to submit to God was planted there by God. Gone is any basis for boasting in our righteousness, piety, or humility. It’s just not in us apart from God placing it there.

          Here is yet another reason to praise Him. God knows is so well, He has gone to every possible length to keep us close. Hallelujah. What a Savior.


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