Written on His Hands

           When I was in high school, I first heard about people claiming to be able to tell you something about yourself by reading the lines in your hands. It was called palm reading. I never went to one of those spooky places with the neon sign of a hand in the window, but I do remember looking at the palms of my hands and thinking to myself, Those lines form an “M” in my hand and don’t mean anything. Even as I look at the palms of my hands now, I notice that the lines on my palms are the places at which my hands bend – nothing more.

          I’m thankful for my hands. My fingertips are so sensitive that they are able to warn my brain of danger, and they are so unique that their prints distinguish me from everyone else on the entire planet. My opposable thumbs separate me from the animal kingdom, allowing amazing manual dexterity. I can point out directions, scratch an itch, smooth away wrinkles, wipe away crumbs, apply make-up, hug my loved ones, pat a shoulder, applaud my approval, snap to the beat, and hold someone else’s hand.

            But a most wonderful thing to consider is not the wonder of my own hands, but the significance of God’s. Of course, we are speaking anthropomorphically when we speak of God using human characteristics because we know that as Spirit, He does not physically have hands or feet or eyes. He must, however, communicate to us in terms we can understand, so to express His tender thoughts toward us, He tells us, “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands” Isaiah 49:16 (NKJ).

           All we see when we look at the palms of our hands are random lines; God looks at the palms of His hands—which are with Him at all times—and sees our names. With our names in His hands, He points us in the right direction, scratches to comfort the places in our lives that are irritating us, smoothes out the wrinkly problems, and wipes away the crumbs of the past. With our names in His hands, He applies the make-up of His character, transforming us daily into His image. With our names in His hands, he hugs us close, pats our shoulder, applauds His approval of us, snaps the beat of excitement and joy into our days, and holds our hands so we know He’s constantly with us.

           God goes no where without His hands and we’re inscribed on them.


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~ by sanewriter on October 9, 2011.

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