God Lets Life Unfold, So Work

          An automobile commercial on television says, “It has been said that ‘good things come to those who wait;’ but we say, ‘good things come to those how work.’” I still have no idea how the ad campaign people relate this to the car, but what a true statement for our lives!

         I don’t know if the advertising executives who wrote that commercial knew of Solomon, but they sure echoed his sentiments. This wisest king who ever lived said, “What profit has the worker from that in which he labors? I have seen the God-given task with which the sons of men are to be occupied. He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end. I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives, and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor– it is the gift of God” Ecclesiastes 3:9-13 (NKJ).

          Solomon recognized that none of us would ever know what God was doing from beginning to end. Our best bet in life is not to just sit around, waiting to find out what God is going to do next; our best course of action is to be industrious—to enjoy the good of all our labor. Work is God’s gift to us. We may know that God has made everything beautiful in its time, but we do not know how God is going to reveal it all. So in the meantime, let’s just work and let God unfold life for us. As the commercial says: Good things come to those who work; i.e. to those who rejoice, do good in their lives, eat, drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor, for that very labor is the gift of God.


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