The Blessing Overflow

When returning home from a conference one Saturday, my itinerary called for me to fly from Indianapolis, IN, through Chicago’s Midway airport, and then into Los Angeles. All that previous week, the Midwest had experienced wild thunderstorms. On the Friday before my trip home, I talked to my husband about how I was tired and could hardly wait to get home. He informed me that the news had reported the closure of the Chicago airports that day due to the weather.

Oh no, I thought, I have to get home. It then dawned on me that I knew Someone who could handle just such a situation. During a storm once, Jesus “arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, ‘Peace, be still!’ And the wind (you know, the ones He created) ceased and there was a great calm” Mark 4:39 (NKJ, words in parenthesis are my own). So on Saturday morning before my flight, I prayed. “God,” I said, “I need to get home today. Please do to the thunderstorms over the Midwest as you did to the storm in the Bible. Thanks.”

We took off from Indianapolis on a beautiful, bright, sunny morning, but by the time we reached Chicago, the plane was rocking and rolling in turbulence. As we broke through the cloud bank, rain was hitting the windows. The stewardess even told us to watch our step as we exited the aircraft because the jetway was wet. But I knew what I had prayed.

I had a three-hour layover there in Chicago, so I bought some food and found a seat at my gate facing large windows. I settled in, plugged in my computer, and started eating my brunch. As time clicked by, I also watched the clouds. With each passing moment, the sky grew clearer and clearer. More and more blue and less and less clouds were visible. God had said, “Peace, be still,” to the weather just for me. By the time my flight took off, the sky for miles was clear.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud and telling everybody on the plane why they too were getting to Los Angeles right then. It dawned on me that every other plane heading anywhere out of Chicago at that time was doing so because God had heard my little prayer and loved me enough to say, “Okay, my daughter.”

All those people were receiving a blessing overflow. Later that night, as my husband and I watched the news, to my amazement, the report was all about the wicked thunderstorms over Chicago.

A blessing overflow also happened to people traveling with Paul in Acts. Storms were so bad during a sea voyage that survival looked pretty bleak. However, an angel of God appeared to Paul and told him, “Do not be afraid, Paul; you must be brought before Caesar; and indeed God has granted you all those who sail with you” Acts 27:24 (NKJ).

People should want to hang around us believers in Christ because God’s dropping blessings our way. Those who stick close will have no other choice but to receive a blessing overflow.


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