Praying for the Next Generation

I wrote the book Raising Boys to be like Jesus because I truly believe that boys like Jesus become men of God. In the rearing of my own boys, I tried my best to use each and every one of the principles in the book gleaned from the life of Jesus. However, I realize that although I could pour Jesus into my boys while they lived in my house, it is still up to them to place a stopper in their own spirit so that He won’t drain out. They must come to a point at which Jesus – and all the lessons we taught and lived before them – matters personally to them. Now that they are grown, the best I can do is pray.

I feel King David’s heart on this same issue. He realized he had reached the end of his life and he was turning the kingdom over to his son Solomon. David had made all the preparations for building the temple, laid out the plans on paper (or on whatever they wrote on in those days), chosen the artisans, and gathered the gold, silver, precious stones, etc. into storehouses ready to go. He admonished the people to remain true to the Lord and then he turned his attention to praying for his son. David prayed, “And give my son Solomon a loyal heart to keep Your commandments and Your testimonies and Your statutes, to do all these things, and to build the temple for which I have made provision” 1 Chronicles 29:19 (NKJ).

You may not have kids, but you can join in praying this prayer for the next generation. I feel this prayer in a profound way for my boys. I pray sincerely that the Lord would give my children a loyal heart to keep God’s commandments, God’s testimonies, and God’s statutes. I pray that they would do all the things God requires of them. And I pray that they build on the spiritual heritage I have made for them.

Let’s put this prayer into action for all our kids and our grandkids, indeed for all the boys and girls we know, to raise up our next generation of mighty men and women of God.


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