Blessed for a Reason

Psalm 67:7 says, “God shall bless us, and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him” (NKJ).

The Hebrew word used for “bless” here is the word “barak.” We can bless God by giving Him adoration, and God can bless us by giving us benefits. Notice that whichever way blessing goes, some act of giving is involved. This verse says that “God shall bless us.” We can therefore be assured that by God’s hand, we will indeed receive some sort of benefit. Hallelujah! That’s good news.

Let’s keep reading the verse. Connected to part A of the verse is part B. The “God shall bless us” part is followed by a comma and the word “and,” indicating something of equal value and importance is attached. Our blessing will evoke a response. “All the ends of the earth shall fear Him.” In other words, everyone from every part of the world will be moved to reverence (yare`) God.

We must stop being stingy isolationists. We travel through life concerned only with yours, mine, and ours; living in our comfortable little Christian bubble; testifying to and preaching to the choir. It’s the world that needs to see the magnificence of God, and it will only do so if we let the world witness what God can do with and for us. This means we must be willing to let God take us to the big stages. Why are we not more involved in politics, show business, the arts, the business world, and Wall Street? As we live for God in these arenas, and God blesses us, the ends of the earth will fear Him because the ends of the earth will see Him through us.

Yes, live a holy life that God will bless, but don’t be afraid to do so out in the open. Our blessings are for a reason – so that our dying world can look and live. The world can only begin to reverence God if they see Him. They see Him by peering wide-eyed into our lives which God is blessing. May our blessings be a witness to someone today.


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